Researching and customising presentations content has its own rewards. Consistent, positive feedback.




 With enthusiasm and clarity, Barry effectively connected with our members delivering key practical and achievable messaging to encourage and empower them into action.  His presentation delivered on his firm’s name – Marketing Focus!

Alan Harries, CEO, Institute of Mercantile Agents  


Barry was an extremely engaging presenter who was well educated on the topic of change. It was fantastic to see a keynote speaker do so much background research and interviews in order to create a presentation that fit our attendees and their needs so perfectly. I would highly recommend Barry as a keynote speaker.

Sasha Costanzo | Membership, Events & Marketing Coordinator | SCA WA 



A successful workshop needs a masterful umpire. A person who can synthesise the arguments, promote collaborative thought and achieve an agreed path forward.

 Barry Urquhart has these qualities in abundance. His thoughtful and intuitive insights assembled our many thoughts on the day of the workshop into a business plan that may serve us for decades to come.

Our workshop was a great success thanks to him in planning the way forward for our fledgling business.

Oliver Sellers, General Manager, OCE Corporate

"What can I say.  The feedback received by the Chamber has been absolutely wonderful, you certainly inspired a great many of our members to take a long, hard look at their customer services.  You may also be pleased to hear that we at the Chamber have brain stomred and have come up with several ideas to extend and vary our own membership services."

Pam Scarr, Executive Director, ACT Chamber of Commerce and Industry Limited



I'm just writing this email to you all to share with you an experience I had while I was on Annual Leave.

I'll be honest, I wasn't keen, as it meant I had to get up at 5:30am on a Thursday morning, while on holidays, two days before my wedding! However, I'm bloody glad I chose to get up early and go along to the breakfast.

It was an opportunity to be inspired that would have been missed if I hadn't gone, and as a result I left the breakfast with my eyes wide open.

The man who everyone was turning up to hear was a gentleman by the name of Barry Urquhart. Barry is a business analyst and keynote speaker, and is invited to hundreds of conferences a year, to talk about Marketing Focus, which funnily enough, is the name of his business.

A larger than life character, it's hard not to walk out feeling as though you've just shared a ‘moment' with a number of other people, and that you've been given key insights which your competitors don't have!




“I heard Barry speak at a function and was struck by his enthusiasm and knack of presenting two or three sharp messages that I remembered long after the presentation was over.  When one of my clients, the Livestock and Rural Transport Association of WA was looking for a guest speaker for the annual conference I immediately thought of Barry.  Unlike many professional speakers who deliver the same presentation no matter who the audience is, Barry took the time to research the industry and speak with a number of representatives to really understand the key issues.  The result was an energised presentation that was customised to the people in the room.  It was an hour long but many people commented that 60 minutes went very quickly.  I know several of them are planning on seeking him out for further consulting.”            




 “On behalf of Bundaberg Broadcasters I wanted to thank you for an outstanding evening of the Moncrieff Theatre in Bundaberg.

Your warm and affable presentation style made each and every one us feel welcome.

The information you were able to import in just over 90 minutes was informative, entertaining and hopefully rewarding for everyone in attendance.

We have already received some great feedback from our clients who feel they will be able to put your ideas and suggestions into place quickly with a view to giving their businesses a tremendous kick start and also momentum towards long term success.

David Stretton , General Manager, BUNDABERG BROADCASTERS PTY LTD



 “We engaged Barry Urquhart and Marketing Focus for our National Conference in March 2010 and International Conference in Macau & Hong Kong in October 2010.

Mr Urquhart delivered a Marketing and Retail focused keynote speech and helped facilitate Retail workshops for the Liquor Legends group.

Mr Urquhart's execution and delivery was sharp and relevant to our members. Mr Urquhart made himself available throughout our International Conference for one-on-one meetings with our members, giving them valuable insight into their business and assistance developing a Marketing Plan.

Mr Urquhart was able to capture the audience with his professional delivery and drive home our objectives to the members utilizing his professional knowledge and insights. Mr Urquhart delivered everything we asked and exceeded my expectations.

The Liquor Legends member network as a whole found Mr Urquhart to be insightful and his presentation relevant to growing their business. Mr Urquhart is an outstanding academic in Marketing and Retail strategies and this was prevalent upon his delivery.

Liquor Legends would highly recommend Mr Urquhart to any customer focussed business.”

John Carmody, Hotel & Tourism Management, LIQUOR LEGENDS



“Thank you for your insightful keynote delivered at our regional conference.

It is clear that you have reflected at some length on the subject matter and delivered a thought provoking, interesting and more importantly, user friendly address which provided useful solutions and suggestions to all delegates to take away and implement in their own businesses.

My first order of business today was to meet with my marketing coordinator to revisit the message used in our advertising. My second was to place a call to the eastern states to discuss Independent Living Communities!

I thank you for your efforts and congratulate you on the manner in which you engaged each and every delegate.”



Barry Urquhart offers unique insights, new understanding and additional confidence. He provides methods of focus, meaningful solutions, long-term benefits and a framework for finding 'self answers'. Client companies are shown - and encouraged - how to differentiate, change, compete, win and succeed.

Marketing Focus