Barry Urquhart is an internationally recognised and respected conference keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, business strategist and consumer behaviour analyst.  Barry and Marketing Focus are Australian marketing success case studies.  Thirty eight years of continuous double digit growth at the cutting edge of marketing and business innovations; expanding spheres of operation from local to national and onto international arenas; and a disciplined focus on four integrated, specific aspects of business.


  • Customised Keynote Addresses
    • Conferences
    • In-house seminars
    • Training sessions
    • Retailer/client product release events
  • Facilitation
    • Strategic planning workshops
    • Creative business development meetings
    • Change-management sessions
  • Consultation
    • Marketing audits
    • Strategic planning reviews
    • Competitive evaluations
  • Counselling
    • Consumer behaviour analysis
    • Corporate culture enhancement
    • Customer service delivery
    • Original visual merchandising
    • Retail selling skills
                                Barry Urquhart

                               Barry Urquhart

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