Marketing Focus is an Australian marketing success case study

Thirty eight years of continuous double digit growth at the cutting edge of marketing and business innovations; expanding its spheres of operation from local to national and onto international arenas; and a disciplined focus on four integrated, specific aspects of business, being:-

  • Strategic and Competitive Planning
  • Customer Experience - Quality Customer Service
  • Consumer Behaviour and Preferences
  • Creative Visual Merchandising


Success in marketing and business strategies has come to Barry Urquhart and Marketing Focus as a consequence of the growth and development of clients, which function within private and public, large and small sectors, including:-

  • Banking
  • Oil Retailing
  • Energy Distribution
  • Financial Planning
  • Transport
  • Property Development
  • Media
  • Finance/Insurance
  • Retailing
  • Franchising
  • Telecommunications
  • Housing/Real Estate

Greatest use of the expertise and experience of Marketing Focus is made in:-

  • Conference keynote addresses
  • Strategic planning workshop facilitation

Private and confidential counselling is provided for product and market development, competitive analysis and marketing strategies.