"He raised lots of questions; gave only a few answers; and left us to achieve."

Barry Urquhart is a truly inspirational conference speaker. He delivers authoritative, well-researched and customised presentations aimed primarily at enlightening, encouraging, challenging and enthusing his audience to embrace and implement fundamental, practical and inexpensive concepts and ideas.


"His knowledge of my industry was astounding. He named every business in the audience."

Perhaps the one thing that sets Barry Urquhart apart from the rest of the world's motivational speakers is his ability and willingness to tailor each presentation to the specific needs of his clients.


"It was original, creative and innovative. I left the presentation feeling challenged."

Barry is a challenging facilitator of strategic planning workshops and a supportive consultant whose one-on-one diagnostic sessions really do impact on the bottom line. He assists in the setting of achievable goals that extends organisations and people.


"We had never thought of that. He came right out of left field."

Barry Urquhart has been at the forefront of the customer service revolution for over a decade. His on-going schedule of original research into differing aspects of consumer behaviour and business development results in a totally relevant, highly interactive and very rewarding experience.

Barry Urquhart offers unique insights, new understanding and additional confidence.  He provides methods of focus, meaningful solutions, long-term benefits and a framework for finding 'self-answers'. Client companies are shown - and encouraged - how to differentiate, change, compete, win and succeed.