To Get Business.... Get Pumped

The thrill of the chase………


Emotions are highest and the adrenalin pumps fastest in the pursuit of striving to achieve a goal.   The uplifting sentiment is infectious .


Look no further than nature, with a sudden flight of birds or a flock of wildebeest in the savannahs of an African game park. It is a clear manifestation of the “fight or flight” phenomenon.


In business, marketing and sales the same principles apply and the lessons learnt are parallel.


It simply takes a leader and leadership for a sense of purpose, focus, excitement and urgency to be inculcated throughout the ranks of an entity and network of an integrated marketing, selling, franchising or buying group.


Too often, in the face of revenue downturn, increased competition or economic volatility, many notable business leaders look to externally oriented factors to stimulate interest, enquiries, demand and sales. Reviews are conducted and amendments are made to advertising, promotions, merchandising and pricing strategies and tactics. Each involves considerable investments of time, money, cerebral energy and resources. Sadly, often the returns are short term, marginal and spasmodic.


There is an alternative or, possibly, a pre-emptive, complementary set of high achieving actions.




Entrepreneurs, innovators, creators and growth oriented business owners are typically characterised by reference to passion, enthusiasm, excitement and pride. All are commendable virtues   which inspire commitment, persistence, resilience and success itself.


The measure, worth and value of such are difficult to quantify. Indeed, the quantification of consumer   traffic flows, sales conversions, repeat and referral business is subjective. What exactly is the lifetime value of a long term, satisfied customer, over what time is the measurement taken and what is the best measurement methodology?


To revisit, refine and to recommit to the corporate culture is an uplifting experience for staff members and all of those in the supply chain. The exercise provides for an upgrading in self-worth, which is sustainable.


As an external change agent and interactive workshop facilitator, I welcome witnessing team members address, verbalise and extend aspects of the seven pillars of a corporate culture. A sense of pride blossoms, value is recognised in the total package which is offered to the marketplace and a positive spirit is experienced.


The temptation to price discounting   and other short term tactics quickly wanes, confidence is promoted and Key Performance Indicators are soon attained and exceeded.




Conspicuous in the current marketplace is widespread evidence of inertia, mental tiredness, apprehension and exasperation. It is understandable, but not acceptable.


Processes are followed, but without conviction. No one is or gets excited, particularly customers. There is a   general sense of shallowness.


That is reflected in the bank balance. A quantum leap is needed from those who “tell the story” (in rote fashion) to those who “sell the story”.


Wait staff members at restaurants have the capacity, through their enthusiasm, to influence meal and refreshment selections and to substantially increase receipts. No one person or business sector is excluded from or immune to that reality.


The rewards and returns from the efforts extended are almost infinite.


Team members appreciate and typically respond positively to the attention being turned on them, in preference to or prior to the usual increased outlays on advertising, promotions,   merchandising and price discounting. There is certain consistency with and credibility to statements about “people are the most important asset to a company”.


Let me cut to the chase. For many business leaders who are seeking to address and redress market circumstances which are less than buoyant, the prospects for immediate and substantial upturns in sales, profits, customer satisfaction and repeat business lie within an organisation.


A rekindling of the fire, the passion and pride for and about a company, its product, services and people can be universally rewarding. Seemingly attendant   issues, like recruitment, retention and the development of people are quickly and favourably resolved.


For those who doubt the currency of the propositions and the underlying philosophy being espoused, I say “have faith”.


The direct tangible and conspicuous activities of advertising, promotions, merchandising and pricing reviews should not be ignored, simply be tempered and sequenced.


Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America inspired a nation and, to a lesser extent, the world with the statement “yes, we can”. He mobilised a sense of adventure and spirit of the possible. The emotions were highest and the adrenalin pumped fastest before election day in November, 2008.


The tasks confronting so many business leaders are not so gargantuan. The spirit is the same.


So go ahead. Take up the challenge. Enjoy the thrill of the chase.