Take Nothing For Granted

Urquhart Castle, on the western banks of Loch Ness, is a strategically located and important asset.


Historically, those who controlled the castle and the promontory of which it was erected, dominated the commercial flow of Scotland.


It was a primary target for invading English armies, was staunchly defended by the Scots, and was a desirable target asset for the acquisitive McDonald clan – notwithstanding the buildings featured no golden arches, only stone.


Sadly, the Grant clan was assigned the rights to Urquhart Castle, and centuries ago, when they lost power and were about to lose possession, they razed the complex.


The remnants remain a top feature tourist destination, still strategically important for the Scottish economy.


The first of the following photographs features Jill Urquhart, with Urquhart Bay in the background.  This was the location of the two alleged sightings of the infamous Loch Ness monster.


The inherent messages in the text and photographs are that no empire lasts forever, and one should not take things for granted – particularly when involving the Grant clan.


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